A company that wanted to introduce protective nets to its offer came to the Market Hub to request a market analysis. The client was interested in the safety nets production and had a general understanding of the market. However, he also needed information on the potential competition and the necessary equipment, which was to be provided by our analysis of the safety nets market.


To carry out the investment related to the development of the machinery park necessary for the production of a new type of products, the company turned to us to conduct the following tasks:

  • identifying potential competition on the market of safety nets in Europe,
  • searching for companies producing equipment to produce protective nets,
  • verifying production machines available on the market and accessing their detailed specifications.

Analysis of the safety nets market

Our task was to analyse the market of producers of protective nets and devices for their production. It required a competitive analysis and identification of the largest players on the European market who are already manufacturing similar products. After that phase, and using the desk research methodology, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their information materials, such as websites, photos, press materials and patents. It allowed us to determine which devices these companies use in their production processes.

The next stage of our analysis was identifying companies producing this type of equipment that could potentially be included in our client’s machine park. After conducting extensive research, we identified several companies, and we verified their credibility. In addition, we obtained detailed additional information, such as device specification, price, and the manufacturer’s installation and service support offer.


The client received all the collected information in the form of a transparent presentation. The analysis of the safety nets market and in-depth research provided the client with detailed information on potential competition on the market and equipment necessary for production. On this basis, our client could make the final investment decision and decide with which machine manufacturer should cooperate.

We have provided our client with accurate data that allowed speeding up the decision-making process and reducing the risk related to the new activity.

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* Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we are not allowed to present details of this market analysis in the above case study.