Commercial and military drone market – Case study

We have recently conducted an extensive UAV / drone market analysis in which we have researched commercial and military unmanned aerial vehicles markets in Poland, Europe and on a global scale.


The project consisted of several stages and included, among others:

  • analysis of the market condition and estimation of the value and size of the market – this information allowed the client to determine the market share that should be achieved to meet the assumed financial goals and to indicate at what stage of development the drone market currently is;
  • market segmentation – performed to define customer groups and enable increasing sales effectiveness by adjusting the marketing strategy to the target group;
  • competition analysis – it allowed to identify the main distribution channels, learn about the business models used and establish a pricing strategy;
  • benchmarking – it helped identify good practices and propose appropriate strategies for introducing new products to the drone market.


The primary purpose of the market analysis was to show our client who it will be competing with after entering the drone market. As a result of the project, the client obtained much information about his competitors, such as: what market share other companies have, what type of promotion is used by the largest players and what legal bases are in force in a given region. Getting to know detailed information on these topics allowed our client to build an appropriate strategy for entering new markets and growing in them.


Our analysis allowed us to establish, for example, that France was the largest exporter of military drones in Europe. Estimates indicate that in Europe, by 2050, there will be 7 million recreational drones and about 400 thousand government drones. The European drone market alone will employ over 100 thousand people. Companies that already operate in the UAV market use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to communicate with their clients, and much less often Instagram. These are just a few of the vast data that we managed to collect during the implementation of this project which helped our client identify the directions for further development.


The most significant benefits that the client obtained thanks to our market analysis are:

  • learning about effective marketing channels in the drone market;
  • identifying the most prospective investment areas based on the analysis of trends in the global military UAV market;
  • identifying the main drivers that influence the global UAV market development, providing a clear picture of future opportunities that can be exploited and that can lead to revenue growth;
  • learning about current programs undertaken by governments of various countries on the UAV market.


Thanks to our many years of experience in conducting market analyses, we can reach the information that is not readily available. In our research studies, we apply advanced databases with statistical data, industry sources, and the use of appropriate operators or tools for reaching information. In addition to collecting data, their correct interpretation is also critical. Thanks to our competencies in data analysis and visualisation, we present the gathered information in a clear document or presentation and share practical tips and recommendations on the market under study.


Our reports are aimed to answer the exact needs of the client. In the case of the UAV / drone market research, the competition analysis included benchmarking of elements such as price, functionality, application, and marketing communication. We have used a wide range of tools, such as solutions for obtaining data on competitors’ sales activities and their advertising budgets. In the following stages of the project, we focused on interpreting data obtained using the desk research method and drawing practical conclusions and recommendations.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we are not allowed to present details of this market analysis in the above case study.

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