Competitive analysis of IT testing software market

Competitive analysis of IT testing software market in Poland – Case study

As the second part of the comprehensive analysis provided for our client, we conduct an analysis of future competitors on the Polish market*. 

Here you can read case study of market analysis of the IT testing software market in Poland.

Client needs

Before entering the Polish market client needed to know: 

  • top IT enterprises offering IT software testing services,
  • the most successful strategy of entering the market and communication strategy with potential clients. 

Our work

In terms of competitive analysis, our first step was to identify and make the competitive enterprise list. Created in the excel-sheet format lead to an analysis matrix and eased to pick the most challenging entities to compete with on the market according to gathered information about them. Further analysis was focused around i.e. development strategy, marketing and communication strategy. In the final report from the analysis we provide client with: 

  • conclusions and recommendations for communication and marketing strategy, 
  • top competitors profiles with information about business activities picked by client and the best practices in running IT enterprise in Poland.

Benefits for the client

Thanks to the broad analysis of polish IT testing software market client gain:

  • understanding of the reality of polish IT industry in Poland,
  • evaluation of sector development in the context of future investment,
  • a clear and successful strategy for entering the new market,
  • the best communication strategy examples to reach clients.

Need a competitive analysis like this? Contact with us and identify your information needs. Price evaluation is complimentary.

*Due to non-disclosure agreement we are not allowed to bring details of this competitive analysis to light.

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