Innovations in the deratization industry

Innovations in the deratization industry – Case study

Before making the final decision to enter a foreign market, our client needed to know the key innovations in the deratization industry and the solutions used by other market players.


Our client – a company operating in the field of deratization solutions – invited us to conduct market research study, including:

  • identification of innovations on the deratization market,
  • identification of the potential competition.

Innovations in the deratization industry

As part of the market research, we have collected information on innovations used in the deratization market, both in Poland and abroad. For this purpose, we used the desk research methodology. We supplemented the data collected with a description of trends related to technological solutions and legislation changes. Thanks to this approach, we were able to present a comprehensive picture of innovations in the deratization industry to the client.

Using desk research, we also identified direct competition in the areas indicated by the client. After an in-depth review of the companies’ products and activities, we created their detailed profiles. Among other things, we obtained information on the solutions they use, thus confirming the uniqueness of the client’s product.

After gathering all the information about innovations and competition, the next step was to conduct an in-depth analysis of the data. As a result of applying such a broad approach, we estimated the potential of introducing an innovative product offered by our client to the foreign market.


  • Identification of innovative solutions used in the deratization industry.
  • Assessment of the client’s product and its sales potential against other industry innovations.
  • Recognition of trends in the deratization market.
  • Identification of our client’s direct competition.
  • Assessment of the possibilities and potential of entering a foreign market.

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