Market analysis of IT testing services

Market analysis of IT testing services in Poland – Case study

For a foreign client preparing to enter the Polish market, we conducted a comprehensive market analysis of the IT testing services in Poland*.

Client needs

The client wanted to understand:

  • how many polish enterprises are using a software technology named by the client
  • to what extend Polish enterprises using IT technology
  • how many enterprises dealing with creating software technology named by the client
  • how many enterprises offer IT testing services

Our work

In terms of the specified needs of our client, we found information about i.a. value of the Polish IT software market, percentage of enterprises using named by client software technology with split into industries, identified enterprises producing specified by the client software technologies offering IT software testing services.

Part of our job was also to contact with potential clients on Polish market and hold a survey on interest in our client services. We analyzed gathered information and provide research findings and recommendations on entering the Polish market. A comprehensive analysis was delivered and ready to present to the investor. 

Benefits for the client

Conducted research and analysis provide client with:

  • a broad look at the polish IT software market,
  • list of enterprises creating and testing IT softwares,
  • successful implementation of software named by the client among Polish enterprises in specified industry sectors,
  • insights to the market entrance strategy 
  • direct competitors identification as a base for further investigation and competitive analysis [read case study

Need a market analysis? Contact with us and identify your information needs. Price evaluation is complimentary.

*Due to non-disclosure agreement we are not allowed to bring details of this market analysis to light.

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