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The furniture market in Poland

The furniture market in Poland Poland is a leading exporter of furniture globally. The country delivers the most furniture to Germany, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain. The furniture market in Poland brings 2.3% of Polish GDP; thus, it is the highest share of GDP compared to other countries producing furniture in the European Union.

The honey market in the EU

The honey market in the European Union According to Eurostat, the European Union is the second-largest honey producer in the world, behind China. In 2020, 18.9 million hives produced 280 thousand tons of honey. There were over 615 thousand beekeepers in the European Union.

The automotive market in Poland

The automotive market in Poland Statistics Poland reports that in 2020, there were almost 33 million motor vehicles and tractors, as well as nearly 1.7 million motorcycles registered in Poland. Compared to 2019, it is an increase of less than a million in the case of motor vehicles and tractors, and of over 80,000 motorcycles. […]

The aviation market in Poland

The aviation market in Poland In the third quarter of 2021, Polish airports handled 9.3 million passengers. At that time, Poles most often travelled to Great Britain, Germany, and Greece.

Petrochemical industry

Refinery and petrochemical industry The countries with the largest petrochemical production capacities are China, India, Iran, Russia, and the USA. However, it does not mean that Poland does not implement any petrochemical investments. This market review presents how the refinery and petrochemical industry looks like and develops.

The metal mining market in Poland

Copper is, next to coal, one of the most significant natural resources mined and processed in Poland. However, it is not the only important raw material creating the metal mining market in Poland.

The vending machines market

Vending machines are free-standing sales machines that are set up in public spaces such as stations, universities, office buildings, and schools. It is the simplest form of buying and selling. Although the vending machines market in Poland is not a new sector, it is still developing. Self-service machines appeared in Poland in 1995. However, they […]

The parcel machines market in Poland

Over the past few years, parcel machines (also called parcel lockers) have become a familiar place on the Polish landscape and an important element in the parcel and e-commerce markets. They enable convenient collection and sending of parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What is the current state of the parcel machines […]

The global eSports market

The eSport term means professional competition in the gaming industry. Its participants are professional players, often associated in teams. Disciplines in eSports are specific games that allow one or more players to compete. The most popular games are those with a large community and relatively low barriers to entry (both in terms of prices and […]

Shipbuilding market in Poland