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Innovations in the pharmaceutical market

Innovations in the pharmaceutical market The breakthroughs in medicine are related, among others, to the development of new drugs. They make the previously incurable diseases curable, and the deadly ones become chronic diseases. A given drug may be considered an innovation in the pharmaceutical market if it responds to unmet or inadequately satisfied health needs […]

The market of privately owned weapons in Poland

The number of weapons owned in Poland by private persons in 2020 amounted to 587.9 thousand units and has been growing steadily over the past five years.

In this market overview, we present how the Polish market of privately owned weapons looks like today.

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The shared e-scooter market in Poland

In Poland, the interest in e-mobility is still growing. Poles are increasingly switching from private cars and public transport to electrically powered devices such as scooters, bicycles, skateboards and shared e-scooters.

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Clothing market

Clothing market In the clothing market in Europe, the highest sales revenues were generated by Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Russia. Asia is the leader in this aspect in the world. Poland took 11th place in the world exports of clothing with a market share of 2%.

Analysis of the car wash market – Case study

Our client had a patent for a new solution for touchless car washes and planned to enter this market with his offer. That is why he needed a lot of detailed information, and all of them were provided thanks to our detailed analysis of the car wash market.

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Nanotechnology in Poland

Nanotechnology in Poland Today, nanotechnology is one of the most rapidly developing interdisciplinary fields of study, which combines, among others, physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, computer science, and engineering. It is a unique technology that uses techniques and methods with atomic and molecular precision, which allow the production of products of an exceptional class. […]

DIY market in Poland

DIY market in Poland The term DIY (Do It Yourself) has become extremely popular. The time of the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged consumers to do not only house renovations but also everyday items. The Polish market for construction and DIY products (further referred to as the DIY market in Poland) recorded double-digit growth in 2020.

Grain and cereal market in Poland

Among all European Union countries, Poland is one of the largest producers of grain and cereals and the largest producer of triticale in the world. In 2020, it was ranked 3rd after France and Germany in terms of harvested crops.

Grain and cereal products are of strategic importance in the whole world economy, also in Poland. They are essential ingredients of food; they are used in distilling, brewing, milling, and industrial, energy, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Cereals can be divided according to the type of grain – industrial (consumption) and feed grains. In the case of the former, these are products that are used in the production of bread, beer, flour, groats, or vodka. Feed grains are those intended for fodder and made of maize, barley, oats, etc.

In this market review, we check how the grain and cereal market in Poland is developing – including harvests, prices, and the cultivation areas.

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Global VR market

VR (Virtual Reality) is a technology that allows the creation of an artificial image of reality. VR consists of appropriate software and hardware, i.e., software and hardware. A headset is necessary for virtual reality, and depending on the model of the headset, other components of the VR headset may also include controllers and motion sensors.

This article explains what the global VR market looks like now, what applications this technology has today, and how the global VR market will develop in the future.

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The photovoltaic market in Poland

Photovoltaic modules are produced mainly outside Europe (97%), and Poland is one of the leaders in the European Union in terms of their production.

Currently, we are more and more aware of the need to protect the environment and the changes taking place in it. While observing the developing technology, you can more and more often see solutions that do not have a negative impact on the planet. One of the essential trends in the energy sector is obtaining energy from renewable sources, including photovoltaics.

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