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Primary residential construction market in Poland

The housing market consists of all residential buildings that are used for permanent residence. According to the latest data published by Statistics Poland on housing construction, in the period from January to March 2021 the number of apartments completed was higher than the year before. Looking at the statistics from recent years, we can see that these numbers are still growing.

In this article, we analyse what the primary residential construction market in Poland and Europe looks like and how it is changing over recent years.

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Municipal waste market in Europe

In Europe, Denmark was the largest producer of municipal waste in 2019, followed by Luxembourg and Norway. Poland closed the list, just behind Belgium, Hungary and Estonia. Poland was therefore in the leading position among all European countries, generating the least municipal waste.

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Heat pump market analysis – Case study

The MarketHub team conducted a research study for a company that needed market analysis of the high-power heat pumps segment. The report prepared was aimed at determining the current situation and showing the potential of the market. The heat pump market analysis included both internal and external factors affecting the industry to better respond to our client needs.

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Non-alcoholic beverages market in Poland

Non-alcoholic beverages market in Poland According to Polish law, non-alcoholic beverages are beverages that do not contain more than 0.5% ethanol. It includes, among others, water, juices, tea, iced coffee, and carbonated drinks. So, it is a market with many segments that differ significantly from each other. These beverages also belong to the FMCG group […]

Analysis of the safety nets market – Case study

A company that wanted to introduce protective nets to its offer came to the Market Hub to request a market analysis. The client was interested in the safety nets production and had a general understanding of the market. However, he also needed information on the potential competition and the necessary equipment, which was to be provided by our analysis of the safety nets market.

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Coal market in Europe

In 2019, Poland and Germany together accounted for over 60% of the total hard coal consumption in the European Union, followed by France and the Netherlands.

We invite you to read the following market overview, which shows what the coal market in Europe looks like today, who the market leaders are and what trends are influencing the development of the market. Czytaj dalej

Market analysis of components for power hydraulics – Case study

Projects implemented by MarketHub are diverse in terms of, e.g., topics and markets. This time, we conducted a research study on the industrial sector. Our client was a producer of components for power hydraulics.

Our market analysis of components for power hydraulics was aimed at examining the overall market situation and identifying the most important competition in the industry.

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Medical innovations in Poland

Medical innovations in Poland The COVID-19 pandemic has brought digital solutions and medical innovations into widespread usage faster than expected. The digitization of services in the medical industry is slowly becoming commonplace. Telemedicine and remote health care are the most important directions of development in this industry, and the most dynamically developing field of knowledge […]

The global steel market

The steel industry is an important sector of the economy in many countries. The steel market for many other sectors is also a key element of the industrial production process – for example, in the automotive, construction, and electronic industries.

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Automotive aftermarket industry in Poland

Automotive aftermarket industry in Poland The automotive aftermarket industry in Poland includes two segments: accessories and car parts that have been manufactured or reconditioned to replace the original components if they are damaged or worn out. There are two types of companies operating in the aftermarket. These are producers who manufacture spare parts and their […]