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Ports and harbors data market – Case study

Searching for information on niche market segments can be a challenge for many companies. It was similar in this case, when a client needed to get to know the ports and harbors data market better and contacted us with a request to collect and develop the necessary information.
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Streetwear market

Streetwear market Streetwear is becoming an increasingly large sector in the fashion industry in the world. This clothing style was initiated by the community of skateboarders, surfers, and hip-hop culture. The roots can be traced back to Los Angeles at the end of the last century. In this article, we present how does the streetwear […]

Agricultural tractor market in Poland

The Polish agricultural tractor market is still potentially large. There are approximately 1,444 thousand agricultural tractors in use in Poland with an average power of 45.3 kW, their average age is approximately 25 years, and the degree of wear is 77%. From 20 to 30 thousand tractors are registered annually – these machines are both new and used, imported from abroad.

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Metallurgical and steel market in Poland

The metallurgical market in Poland has a long tradition in the industrial sector. Its vast majority is the private market (approx. 97% of companies), and it is based on the production and processing of steel. According to the World Steel Association forecasts, the demand for steel will increase by 50% by 2050. Still, changes in the business and legal area have made steel production in the European Union unprofitable, which causes the so-called escape of metallurgical production.

Experts point out that the metallurgical market in Poland is mainly dependent not on market demand but on external factors which are currently not favorable for enterprises. After two years of decline in the consumption of steel products, a relative improvement and stabilization of the industry are forecasted in 2021.

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Polish e-commerce market during the pandemic

Since April 2020, the Polish economy has undergone rapid changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions for the traditional trade impacted the GDP, which was 2.8% lower than in 2019.

At the same time, the e-commerce market recorded dynamic growth, and according to estimates, in 2021, it has already exceeded the value of PLN 100 billion. It is now the 13th fastest growing e-commerce market in the world. It is estimated that the development trend will continue even until 2024.

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Innovations in the deratization industry – Case study

Before making the final decision to enter a foreign market, our client needed to know the key innovations in the deratization industry and the solutions used by other market players.

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Industrial construction market in Poland

The industrial construction market is dealing primarily with the construction and modernization of production and warehouse facilities, as well as buildings for the energy sector. This type of construction often uses atypical architectural and construction technologies, which results from the specific use of the buildings. Both warehouse and production facilities should have the largest possible usable space allowing for their optimal usage. Objects of this type must meet the requirements set by legal regulations and comply with many safety standards, and their implementation is preceded by geodetic surveys.

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Analysis of the e-commerce market in Europe – Case study

For one of our clients, we recently analysed the e-commerce market of sportswear in Europe. The report prepared for the client included information about the online sales market in, among others, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Slovakia. The analysis helped our client in the company development by showing the marketing strategies of the leaders and the potential of the foreign markets.

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Rubber market in Poland

The rubber market in Poland is constantly developing, and Poland is one of the largest rubber exporters. According to Eurostat, Poland is the 10th largest exporter with a share of 2.8%.

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Innovations in e-commerce on the Polish market

Online shopping offers not only convenience, greater choice of products and ease of concluding transactions. Factors – such as the interpenetration of the online and offline worlds and the hybrid nature of various solutions introduced at an accelerated pace under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic – affect customer behaviour, generate innovations in e-commerce and permanently change the shape of the e-commerce industry.

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