Our client had a patent for a new solution for touchless car washes and planned to enter this market with his offer. That is why he needed a lot of detailed information, and all of them were provided thanks to our detailed analysis of the car wash market.


In order to introduce the new offer to the Polish market, our client needed to examine the interest of car wash owners in the latest technology, learn about the current situation on this market and identify factors influencing the development of the touchless car wash market.

Comprehensive analysis of the car wash market

At the project’s first stage, we looked at the car wash market in terms of its value and size. The analysis was carried out by using the desk research methodology. The partial lack of data made us estimate the size of the market, thanks to which we were able to determine the number of touchless car washes in Poland. At this stage, an essential part of our work was the competition analysis, including examining the offered products range and comparing the technical data of the analysed touchless car washes.

We carried out the primary research using the CATI methodology at the second stage of the work. A telephone interview with dozens of car washes owners allowed us to determine:

  • how often the owners modernise their car washes and what is the related cost,
  • what expenses are related to car wash preparations,
  • what is the interest in our client’s technology among car wash owners and whether they are willing to cooperate with our client?


  • In-depth knowledge of the fundamental drivers of the touchless car wash demand.
  • Understanding industry trends and the latest technological developments.
  • Making optimal business decisions by the client based on data and conclusions from thorough competition analysis, containing detailed profiles of the most significant players on the market.
  • Getting to know the target market and identifying car washes that would be interested in the technology offered by our client and willing to implement his offer as part of their services.

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