Projects implemented by MarketHub are diverse in terms of, e.g., topics and markets. This time, we conducted a research study on the industrial sector. Our client was a producer of components for power hydraulics.

Our market analysis of components for power hydraulics was aimed at examining the overall market situation and identifying the most important competition in the industry.


The client wanted to obtain answers to several questions thanks to the market analysis:

  • what is the situation on the market of components for power hydraulics in Poland,
  • which companies operate on the power hydraulics market in Poland,
  • what the product segmentation looks like on this market,
  • what are the trends and innovations in the industry.

Market analysis of components for power hydraulics

In our analysis, we used the desk research methodology. We worked with industry magazines available online and dozens of reports describing the power hydraulics market. Additionally, after identifying the competition, we thoroughly researched the companies’ websites in search of information on marketing and the products. On this basis, we have conducted the market segmentation.

Statistical data was a key source that allowed us to estimate the size and value of products sold and determine the import and export of components indicated by the customer. The collected data were subjected to interpretation, thanks to which we were able to draw critical conclusions about the development of the power hydraulics market.

The trends and innovations presented in the report showed what the market looks like and indicated what to invest in in the coming years. The competitive analysis helped to determine the number of entities in terms of the profile of the activity performed.


The market analysis of components for power hydraulics that we carried out led to many accurate conclusions that the client could use to implement the necessary solutions in their company and make strategic decisions regarding its development for the coming years.

Thanks to the knowledge about competitors operating in the industry and their marketing activities, the client identified market niches and implemented a new process of building a competitive advantage.

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* Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we are not allowed to present details of this market analysis in the above case study.