Analysis of the e-commerce market in Europe

Analysis of the e-commerce market in Europe – Case study

For one of our clients, we recently analysed the e-commerce market of sportswear in Europe. The report prepared for the client included information about the online sales market in, among others, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Slovakia. The analysis helped our client in the company development by showing the marketing strategies of the leaders and the potential of the foreign markets.


  • Understanding the situation on the e-commerce market with particular emphasis on the countries indicated by the client.
  • Selecting the most popular sportswear stores and determining their profile in terms of product range and financial data.
  • Identifying current market trends and marketing strategies used by companies in the online channel.

Analysis of the e-commerce market in Europe

To create the report, we used the desk research method, based mainly on publicly available sources such as reports, industry articles or statistical data that were presented in the form of charts and tables.

The first stage of the project was to create the general characteristics of the e-commerce market for the sportswear sector in selected European countries. As part of the project, we prepared, among others, an estimation of the sales value and market potential in terms of selling sportswear in the online channel.

The second part was an in-depth competitive analysis. Our goal was to identify the most popular stores that distribute sportswear and rank them according to the number of visitors to their websites in individual European countries. We also analysed their financial situation and marketing activities. The data obtained in this way allowed us to determine, among others, what channels a given company uses to communicate with customers, what types of social media posts are published and what is the engagement of their recipients. After websites review, we identified promotion and marketing tools that are used by the companies.


  • Presenting the specifics of the e-commerce market in each analysed country in Europe.
  • Identification of specific brands and marketplaces selling sportswear via the online channel with which our client could cooperate in each of the countries.
  • Identifying the leaders of the sports clothing distribution segment in the analysed countries.
  • Presenting the most popular online promotion strategies.
  • Showing the potential of entering foreign e-commerce markets in the sportswear sector.

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